Getting to Know You...

Hey there! I’m Sarah Gallagher. I’m a writer, adventurer, and spiritual pathfinder who happens to believe that every single person is worthy of love and belonging and that it is possible to find peace in any circumstance when you are truly at peace with yourself.

My journey to this point has been long and winding - and every hope and heartbreak has been my teacher. I am a former shame sufferer, former over-committer, and former “YES” girl.

I used to think that if I shared who I really am with the world, I would face rejection and would go through life unloved.

For that reason, I overwhelmed myself in a hundred different activities and acts of service to and for other people, in part, because I was running from myself.

I thought that if I didn’t say “YES” to every request, then I would fail to meet the expectations of others and somehow lose myself in the process.

My identity was so tied up in what I was doing that I completely lost sight of the simple joy and rest that comes with merely being. I jumped on a plane and headed to Africa for six months in attempts to serve and volunteer and pour into others some more. But what I found, instead, was an opportunity to lean into the void that came from giving out of an empty well.

I had bouts of extreme anxiety because I didn’t know who I was without my many job titles, volunteer roles, and accolades.

I had to learn to be still and tap into my Higher Power and let my Inner Voice speak truth over me when I couldn’t believe any good or grace for myself. After Africa, I decided I wanted to get serious about deep inner healing and try self-love on for size. I found a local therapist and started to sort through my deepest fears and hopes and then hung on for dear life as my journey took some beautiful, yet unexpected, turns.

Freedom, self-love, and genuine, authentic connection became tangible realities for me for the first time.

After a three-week silent retreat that hurt like hell, I felt that inner peace was within reach. I had learned to sit with myself and pour out my grief and my pain and my longing and ALL OF MY STRIVING and just be. I was able to own my story in fullness and acknowledge that I do not have to be the caretaker for others - that I, too, get the element of choice.

I learned that my compassion and empathy for others does not have to be at the expense of my own well-being.

And my, oh my, how I believe and want that for you too.

Since braving and championing my own story, I’ve learned that authenticity sometimes does come with loss along the way, but the gains are immense and immeasurable. I’ve learned that the work is hard and messy, but so much less painful than taking no ownership in my own life.

I’ve learned that we make the way by walking, and we cannot get off the path or mess it up because we each have a unique and beautiful story that we are writing as we go.

If you are burned out, tired of trying to prove yourself, exhausted by the word “YES,” and ready to take care of yourself for a change, there is a higher and better way. And together, we will find your path to freedom.