An 8-week experience designed to connect you to your intuition, cultivate deeper self-awareness, create new habits that are in alignment with your core values, and implement strategies to bring you back to your inner strength and wisdom amidst the routine of your daily life.

If you are flirting with overwhelm and exhaustion and dancing on the edge of burnout, this course in intuition is a great place to start. You will learn how to listen to what you really want and need and in the process, develop the skills necessary to regain control of your own life.

What you get:

8 one-hour sessions (by phone or in person)

Introductory welcome packet and clarity questionnaire

Values alignment assessment

Core Energy analysis

Customized assignments

Weekly email support


re: energize

A 3-6 month journey for those who are bored, stuck, discontent, uninspired, or are simply caught in the drudgery of the mundane and want to get their spark back. If you are feeling depleted by your have-tos and are ready to take a deep dive into WHO you are, HOW you are showing up, and WHAT you are going to do about it, this is the experience for you.

If you have the momentum to tackle your dissatisfaction head on and are ready to get to the core of your energy, explore what it is that you really want out of life, and find the courage to overcome whatever is keeping you from that, then this package was designed for you.

Over the course of 12 one-hour sessions, we will dive into an in-depth exploration of WHO you are, HOW you are showing up, and WHAT it is that you want to do in light of your new awareness. This package includes an Energetic Leadership Index (ELI) assessment and full-session debrief in which you will be able to interpret visual data that measures how you are currently showing up in all areas of your life energetically, both in ordinary circumstances and under stress.

What you get:

12 one-hour sessions (by phone or in person)

Introductory welcome packet and clarity questionnaire

Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment and Debrief

Values alignment assessment

Customized assignments

One 30 minute emergency session

Weekly email support

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A 12 month overhaul to take you from who you have been to who you know you’re meant to be. This is your opportunity to rewrite the script. It’s time to dig deep into limiting beliefs, assumptions, inner critic voices and beyond fear to get to the core of who you are, who you want to be, and to develop new core beliefs and habits as we re-imagine the possibilities for your limitless life.

What if you could start from scratch - unlearn all those bad habits, get to the bottom of what has been eating at you for months - maybe even years -  uproot the lies that have dictated your path and kept you from living into your full potential, and finally be victorious over all the obstacles that have held you back for so long?

What you get:

18 one-hour sessions (by phone or in person)

Introductory welcome packet and clarity questionnaire

Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment and Debrief

Values Alignment assessment

Customized assignments

Weekly email support

2 emergency sessions (30 minutes each)

Launch Pad final debrief

Choice of either:

1 "freebie" session to be used up to 12 months after our final debrief


1 closing ELI progress assessment/integrated debrief


Lasting transformation begins with an active choice to pursue your deepest self and harness the strength, passion, and energy that resides at the center of your being. Inner wholeness and contagious energy develop when you consciously choose to embrace the journey of limitless self-discovery.

Are you ready to begin?


A group coaching experience created for the spiritual leader or non-profit director who wants to fortify his/her team while learning how to integrate self-care into everyday routines. If you are looking for a safe and trusting space where authenticity and vulnerability are both honored and protected, this is the package for you. Invite your colleagues into this experience with you or join a cohort of handpicked like-minded individuals. 

If you are a spiritual or non-profit leader who is looking for a space to cultivate deeper self-awareness, personal growth, healthy balance, boundaries, and burn-out resilience among like-minded individuals, then this is the space for you. This financially accessible package gives you the freedom to explore self-care while developing a trusted support system along the way. 

What you get:

8 group sessions with like-minded individuals* (by phone or in person)

Introductory welcome packet and clarity questionnaire

Exclusive access to The Energy of Being, an 8-part growth experience

Individual coaching 

Peer support

Group confidentiality clause

Customized assignments

Email support

*the group sessions will take place either bi-weekly or once a month, depending on group consensus

Please contact me for special group pricing. 

Workshop and Team Training Offerings:

  • Mental and Emotional Resilience in the Setting of Second-Hand Trauma
  • Lightbulb on a String: How to Overcome the Contagious Effects of Burnout in the Workplace
  • How to Lead Your Energy and Transform your Team
  • Non-Negotiables: Navigating Balance, Boundaries, and Burnout Resilience in your Non-profit
  • Healing for the Helper: How to Implement Self Care and Take Back Your Life

Feel free to contact me regarding how we can partner together to enrich your team dynamics and integrate burnout resilience into the foundation of your workplace. You may also contact me with a request to speak at your event.

After finishing the coaching series with Sarah, I have a better understanding of where I am and what work I need to continue doing to get me to where I want to be. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Sarah and would highly recommend her as a coach!
— Bri Erger, Director of Programs for US-Brazil Connect


my coaching commitments

  1. will always champion you as the expert of your own story.
  2. I will always seek to encourage and equip you to be the most empowered version of yourself.

  3. I will always hold you accountable to your own measure of success while exercising compassion, empathy, and curiosity along the way.

  4. I will always believe in your ability to tap into your Highest Coach and will trust you to discern the inner voice that guides you.

  5. I will always interact in our sessions with the utmost respect and regard for you as a beautiful, intricate, and unique being who embodies infinite wisdom and light.

  6. I will always empower you to discover your own path and will not rob you of the journey's treasure by spoon-feeding you my own interpretation of reality.

  7. I will always engage with enthusiasm and eager anticipation for all that lies ahead for you because I sincerely believe the story you are writing is incomparable in its power and value.

  8. I will always listen intently and intuitively to what you are saying, and what you are not saying, and I will pay close attention to what you need and want in each particular moment.

  9. I will always engage authentically and respond genuinely each time that we meet and will be transparent if and when anything in my own story could potentially interfere in championing yours.

  10. I will always remind you that you get to choose to be at the cause of your life - not at its effect - because I believe you have the capacity to do hard things with big courage.